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Scout Programs

Be prepared for STEAM learning fun!

Fun experiences that can be customized for your group!
We are happy to provide STEAM programs that support many Badge, Pin, and Belt Loop requirements. In addition to fun experiences designed to engage your group in hands-on learning! Please see below for more information about offerings for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.
For more information, please contact or call 203-416-3565.


Bring your troop for an overnight visit to The Discovery Science Center for a fun night of awesome science! Overnights can include a planetarium show, science demonstrations, movies, badge activities, and time to explore the science center after hours! Customize your program for your troop’s interests and badge goals.
Click here for more details.

Scout Challenger Center Missions

Give your troop an unforgettable experience in a simulated space mission in our Challenger Center! Challenger Missions promote scientific understanding, teamwork, and creative thinking. All participants experience Mission Control and Spacecraft responsibilities. Available for Grades 5 & up.
Click here to learn more.

Girl Scouts Logo

Each one meets some (but not all) of the badge requirements. If your troop is interested in a different experience, please contact

  • Rosie Petal

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Space Science Explorer

  • Eco Learner

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We are pleased to be able to offer many programs oriented toward earning badges. Please contact for more information about the experiences we can provide toward earning the following badges:

  • Sky is the Limit

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