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Girl Scout Programs

Does your troop want to make a ‘Make Your Own’ badge? No problem! Contact us with your idea and we’ll help you in achieving the requirements for the badge. If you’re looking for ideas, we suggest you look at our School Program Guide. Programs can be modified to the needs of your group.

Make Your Own


Seniors will experience programming and designing robots as we learn about circuitry, sensors, and debugging. We will prototype robotic arms and end effectors.


Engineer, Electricity, Codes, Maker

Explore the night sky with us! Seniors will have the opportunity to have a private planetarium show which will explore the night sky and the stories and myths associated with constellations.


Space, Astronomy, Planets

Cadettes will experience programming and designing robots as we learn about circuitry, sensors, and debugging. We will prototype robotic arms and end effectors.

Robotics Sampler

Technology, Electricity, Codes

Cadettes will experience night sky from Earth with the naked eye as well as with space observation technology. We will also learn about the constellations. This badge program pairs well with an overnight (night sky viewing weather permitting).

Night Owl

Astronomy, Space

Junior will become cybersecurity experts as we learn how to decode messages and write and debug code. We will test our programming skills to understand how computers think and communicate.


Technology, Codes

Juniors will become space science investigators as we learn the relationship between the Earth and the Moon. We will also learn about how time is different across the solar system. We will model a constellation and take a tour of the solar system. (Upgrade to planetarium additional $2 per scout.)

Space Science Investigator

Space, Astronomy, Moon, Planets

Juniors will become engineers and learn about the design and testing process by learning about different styles of aquatic vehicles and how they differ. They will design and test their boats in a challenge.

Mechanical Engineering

Engineer, Maker

For this badge, we’ll take a look at what makes some products successful and how we can improve them – for our purposes, we’ll use rockets. We’ll go over past, present and future rocket designs and Junior will work in teams to design, budget for, and build a rocket. If the scouts can accomplish all their tasks in the time allotted, they’ll be able to launch their rockets and see if their design was successful!

Product Designer

Engineer, Rockets, Maker

Scouts will learn what it’s really like to be a detective! You’ll examine fingerprints, perform chromatography and chemical tests, observe a “crime scene”, and try to find out who the culprit is in our crime!


Investigation, Chemistry

Your Juniors are sure to be entertained with all that we do for this badge! Scouts will get a brief history of animation and make their own flip book. We will learn about persistence of vision and how different animation techniques create the industries we know today.

Entertainment Technology

Animation, Art

Brownies will become cybersecurity investigators as they study some basics and safeguards of technology by cracking secret codes, identifying real vs. fake documents, and learning about fingerprint identification.

Cybersecurity Sampler

Technology, Codes, Investigation
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