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K-2 Learning Labs

Our Learning Labs are typically 75 minutes in length. Our Labs are designed to support Next Generation Science Standards Cross-cutting concepts and content. Each Lab is hands-on and utilizes Science and Engineering Skills and Practices.

Amazing Adaptations

Life Science

Travel, Remote, Onsite

In this station-based exploration of our senses, your students will discover the five human senses as well as some unique plant and animal senses. We’ll learn about structural and behavioral adaptations and play camouflage hide and seek!

Motion Commotion

Forces & Motion

Travel, Remote, Onsite

Students will learn about forces and practice using different forces to change the motion of various objects. Students will use pushes and pulls as well as tools to create changes in the motion of the cars and then use ramps to study the force of gravity acting on the cars.

Over the Moon

Space Science

Travel, Remote, Onsite

Does the Moon shine, or is it simply reflective? Does it change shape, or is it in shadow? Your students will be over the moon as they learn all about our Moon and study its phases. Learn how big the Moon is, how far away the Moon is, and what the Moon is made of, as well as why its appearance changes through the month. Students will make their own “Moonscope” to take home.



Travel, Remote, Onsite

Ready to make a mess? Experiment with oobleck as we explore states of matter, Non-Newtonian fluids, and design our own custom slime!

Solar System Explorers

Space Science

Onsite, Travel

Join us in the Planetarium as we take an out-of-the-world tour of the solar system with some surprising planetary landmarks on the way! Includes making a take home model of our solar system.

Water You Up To?

Earth Science

Travel, Remote, Onsite

Water is all around us, and has a powerful effect on our planet. Sometimes that effect can be sudden (hurricanes, floods, mudslides, blizzards), and sometimes it can be gradual (erosion, glaciers, river formation). We’ll explore erosion and how water has the ability to shape the land and structures around it. Observe the effects of an overflowing river, and then design a solution to prevent flooding.

We’re Only Human

Life Science


Explore the differences between our human traits and those of animals. How do our various systems work together to keep us alive?

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