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Grades 3-5 Learning Labs

Our Learning Labs are typically 75 minutes in length. Our Labs are designed to support Next Generation Science Standards Cross-cutting concepts and content. Each Lab is hands-on and utilizes Science and Engineering Skills and Practices. 

Please see our Challenger Center information for Space Science offerings for middle school.

Basically Bots

Robotics & Coding


Learn to code with us with this introductory coding class. You’ll have the opportunity to program your own robots and build your own obstacle course for your robot to navigate.

Chemistry Matters


Travel, Remote, Onsite

Learn about states of matter, conservation of mass, and physical and chemical changes. We will learn how to identify and classify materials and even test out some Non-Newtonian fluids to see how they defy classification!

Coasters in Motion

Forces & Motion

Travel, Remote, Onsite

Learn about forces and motion and how Newton’s Laws of Motion work in the everyday world. In this class you’ll design and build your own prototype for your rollercoaster while doing a series of challenges to test your design.

Natural Disasters

Earth Science


Have you heard of Pangea? We’ll go back in time to learn about the moving plates that have shaped the continents we know today. We’ll learn about what happens when plates move against each other, including earthquakes and volcano formation. Join us as we think about how these hazards impact communities.

Our Home in Space

Space Science


Join us in the planetarium as you fly from Earth to other planets and learn about what is around us. See the Earth orbiting around the Sun, and look at what causes observable patterns in space such as night and day, months and years.

The Engineered Egg Drop



You can’t engineer an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Can you figure out the best design solution for a problem? You’ll compare a set of solutions and select the best one for the job, then implement your chosen design plan. With limited materials and time, you’ll need to make important decisions to accomplish this challenge.

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