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Hall of Space

Hall of Space

Explore space from the Big Bang to modern space exploration and travel in this gallery featuring interactives and authentic NASA and space artifacts to help you immerse in the vast history of the universe.

Stellar Playground

Learn how the objects in the universe are created and destroyed in this incredible universe sandbox game. Create stars, solar sytems, black holes, and maybe even life!

Rocket Collection

This incredible collection of rockets were curated and hand crafted by the late Keith J. Scala, a.k.a. Rocket Man. A Bridgeport native, Keith had a lifelong passion for the history of spaceflight. Keith's model collection was generously donated to Discovery for all to enjoy.

Due to the size of the collection, Discovery will be rotating the selection of rockets on view.

"Gene Cernan on the Moon" Tactile Image

This 3D relief is designed to allow guests to experience NASA's photo of Gene Cernan standing on the lunar surface. Sensors embedded in the image narrate more about the section of photo to which they correlate. Come learn more about the moon, space travel, and the last man to walk on the moon!