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Wicked Plants

Wicked Plants

*Caution - This experience may not be appropriate for all ages. None of the plants, people, or objects are real, but there are realistic replias that may frighten children.

Featuring more than 100 plants, Wicked Plants is set inside a Victorian-era ramshackle home where visitors migrate from room to room and learn about various poisonous plants that may be lurking in one’s own home or backyard. Wicked Plants showcases plants associated with a myriad of health effects, including pain, addiction, obesity, allergies, cognitive impairment and even death!

Sneak Peek:


Supper served in the dining room could be one’s last. Here your family will learn that even the most mundane foods can be poisonous under certain circumstances.

Several people inspect a dining room table full of props from the Wicked Plants Exhibit.


A crime scene in the potions laboratory teaches that things aren’t always what they seem, especially in the plant world of survival. You and your family will search for clues throughout the room to solve the mysterious death of the home’s last remaining occupant.

Four young girls stare at a clue inside a birdcage in the Wicked Plants Exhibit.