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Just for Fun: K-3

Great for wide age ranges–ask us about customization and discounts for add-on programs!

Bridge Builders


Onsite, Travel

What are bridges and why are they important to society? Join us as we discuss the skills it takes to design and build these expansive structures that help to connect our world. We will dabble in bridge design, review bridge types and assess how tension and compression play a role in the structures. We will also try some construction of our own using the techniques used by real architects and engineers!

Sink or Float!


Travel, Onsite

How did people learn how to travel over water? Your students will find out as they test different materials to see what sinks and what floats. Students will build and test their own boats to apply their understandings of why certain materials and shapes float, then see what happens when they add cargo to their creations. Students will refine their designs and figure out how to make improved boats after testing.

Sleep Science

Biology, Life Science

Onsite, Travel, Remote

Why do you need to sleep? What happens to your body and brain while you sleep? What are good and bad sleep habits? In this class we will reflect on our own sleeping patterns and look into the biology of the brain to figure out why sleep is so necessary for us, while comparing sleep in different species.

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