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High School Learning Labs

Our Learning Labs are typically 2 hours in length. Our Labs are designed to support Next Generation Science Standards Cross-cutting concepts and content. Each Lab is hands-on and utilizes Science and Engineering Skills and Practices. 

Please see our Challenger Center information for Space Science offerings for High school.

DNA Profiling

Chemistry, Life Science, Biology


Why is DNA profiling so crucial for criminal cases? Learn more about the biology and chemistry of DNA profiling and experiment with gel electrophoresis to narrow down suspects!

Mission LEO

Space Science,
Engineering, Biology, Robotics & Coding

Onsite, Travel

This program will simulate a mission where
students will have the opportunity to study
a new planet and determine if the planet is suitable for human life. This four-part lesson series will allow your students to explore coding and robotics, biological sciences and engineering while working in a collaborative team. Please contact us for more information and pricing.


Life Science, Biology

Onsite, Travel

Why is a brain cell so specialized? Learn more about brain science with the option to choose from a range of topics from aging, sleep science, addiction and diseases of the brain.

Stellar Stars

Earth Science


In Stellar Stars, we will learn about different types of stars, stellar life cycles, and how astronomers use spectroscopy to determine their properties. This lab includes visualizations in our planetarium.

The Beginning of Brains

Biology, Evolution

Onsite, Travel

Humans are intelligent species, but we don’t have the biggest brains. Study neuroscience, biological anthropology and evolution in this learning lab as we find out more about what makes our brain unique.

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