@ Discovery: Students 3D Print Martian Tools

stematoolsThe STEM Accelerators program is an after-school program for Bridgeport students who are excited about STEM. In February 2016, we welcomed our third cohort of students to the program. This past year, Cohort 3 has been working on some cool Mars-related projects. Students were challenged to design and create medical tools that they envision would be necessary if humans were to colonize Mars (see photo of tools they designed and 3D-printed). Our first cohort also programmed robots to navigate around obstacles in a simulated martian landscape!

Flash Forward: In February 2017, we will welcome our fourth cohort of students, who will participate in a marine biology unit and even dissect a shark.

Global Science News: February 2016

Thanks to Wikipedia’s 2016 in Science for the our Global Science headlines.

thumb_Year in Discovery - February 2016 3D Printing Martian Tools