If/Then Gender Equity in STEM Thumbnail

If we support a woman in STEM, then she can change the world! Meet the inspirational STEM Ambassadors of the If/Then Collection, an initiative of Lyda Hill Philanthropies.

Science in Motion Thumbnail
Visitors can learn about the science of motion as they try to climb thru the trees, shoot hoops and play a friend in air hockey.
STEAM Gallery Thumbnail

Now on display: In the Realm of the Senses: The Paintings of Victoria Lowe

Sensational Senses Thumbnail
Explore the senses in this room dedicated to the amazing human body. Practice using your muscles and get to know all of the senses we have.
Teddy Bear Triage Thumbnail
Bring your stuffed animals for a check-up and learn how to apply splints, bandages, and other helpful first-aid measures to our furry friends.
Earth and Us Thumbnail

Extreme Deep: Mission to the Abyss
Fly a remotely operated vehicle over a model of the Titanic ‘s deck or test your skill at manipulating Alvin’s robotic arm by picking up lava rocks and clams from the sea floor while peering through a recreation of Alvin’s four-inch viewport window. What will you discover at the bottom of the ocean?

Science in Flight Thumbnail
Get ready for takeoff with helicopters, planes, and rockets as you build and launch your own models in our exhibit. Check out the flight simulator to learn how to control a real aircraft.
Science at Play Thumbnail

Science at Play is now open to the public.
Explore the power of play together! Come build a fort, dig for a fossil, and read a book in this gallery designed for your little ones. Family lounge, Nursing room, and additional ADA restroom are also now available.

The Universe and You Thumbnail
This gallery is home to our Science on a Sphere with a new interactive kiosk, a touchless Aurora Wall, and a Moon Lander simulation game. Learn about planetary bodies and how they interact as you explore the universe.
Hall of Space Thumbnail
Explore space from the Big Bang to modern space exploration and travel in this gallery featuring interactives and authentic artifacts to help you immerse in the vast history of the universe.