If/Then Gender Equity in STEM Thumbnail
If/Then Gender Equity in STEM
#thisiswhatascientistlookslike If we support a woman in STEM, then she can change the …
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Science in Motion Thumbnail
Science in Motion
Visitors can learn about the science of motion as they …
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STEAM Gallery Thumbnail
STEAM Gallery
Coming Soon: Jenn Shifflet
Over the past twenty years, Shifflet has …
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Sensational Senses Thumbnail
Sensational Senses
Explore the senses in this room dedicated to the amazing human body. …
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Teddy Bear Triage Thumbnail
Teddy Bear Triage
Bring your stuffed animals for a check-up and learn how to apply …
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Earth and Us Thumbnail
Earth and Us

Masters of …

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Science in Flight Thumbnail
Science in Flight
Get ready for takeoff with helicopters, planes, and rockets as you build …
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Science at Play Thumbnail
Science at Play
Featuring the Imagination Playground, this gallery is a padded playzone where you …
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The Universe and You Thumbnail
The Universe and You
This gallery is home to our Science on a Sphere with a …
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Hall of Space Thumbnail
Hall of Space
Explore space from the Big Bang to modern space exploration and travel …
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