Do you love exploring? Are you excited about solving mysteries? Are you on a quest to solve a problem? People love and explore STEM for a range of reasons, and at Discovery we love to meet new friends and learn why they love STEM.

MooVisit1Joshua and Alice Moo and their family visited Discovery Museum on a trip from Michigan. While visiting colleges in the northeast, they stopped here to see something very specific as part of a family quest that began in 2010.

Six years ago the Moo family visited the Barringer Crater – an enormous meteorite impact crater in Arizona as they traveled west on a move from California to Michigan. Joshua and his wife Alice suggested to their kids that if they find and touch fragments of the original meteorite, they might gain SUPERPOWERS! The jury is still out on whether powers will appear, but since then, the Moos have traveled to sites in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Ontario Canada, touching fragments of the famous meteorite from Canyon Diablo.

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MooVisit2On their visit to Discovery, the Moos were able to chat with David Mestre, Discovery’s Manager of Space Science Education. In addition to seeing our meteorite fragment, they lucked out and got to see lunar samples on loan from NASA for Space Day. The Moo family’s journey has taken them to some of America’s great science centers and Museums (including a number of other proud members of the Association of Science-Technology Centers), and we are delighted that they brought their love of science and meteorites to visit us and our meteorite fragment at Discovery Museum. Best wishes to the Moo family in their future travels!

thumb_The Moo Family’s Meteorite Mission