Check out the below websites for cool learning experiences and at-home experiments! List updated regularly; please check back often!


COVID-19 Resources

Why Do We Get Sick? from SciShow Kids

Immune System from the Amoeba Sisters

Antibiotics, Antivirals, Vaccines from the Amoeba Sisters

What is Herd Immunity? from PBS NOVA


Check out EngineerGirl from the National Academy of Engineering for information about how to become an engineer, writing contests, and design challenges you can try at home!

Want to make the perfect paper airplane? Check out FoldnFly for your design inspiration.

Hone your engineering mind with these engineering games!

Looking for more games, inspiration, and information on how to become an engineer? Check these out!

Space Science

NASA has tons of resources for all ages and interests. Learn about the universe and how you can explore it!


For offline, introductory, and game-based activities to learn coding, check out

Looking for information about app development and coding careers? Check out the resources at Verizon’s App Development for Kids.

Environment and Earth Science

Check out the Lorax Project for ways to help protect our environment!

Want to know more about earthquakes? The US Geological Survey (USGS) has activities and animations to help!


Check out these live views of the animals at the Beardsley Zoo with the Zoo Cams!

Get to know the inhabitants of the Maritime Aquarium–meet their animals.


Check out this list of vocabulary and experiments you can try with a grownup!


STEM Fundamentals for All Ages

Check out Funology’s science experiments for great at-home activities!

STEM-Works Activities have DIYs for all kinds of interests!

Learn more about women and girls in STEM plus check out some games and activities to try.

If you want to try some more advanced or specialized DIY projects, check out the Junior Handyman’s Toolkit for project ideas and tips on the basics.