Excite and motivate your students with hands-on science labs and dynamic demos! For more information or to book, please contact 203-372-3521 x127.

The following Learning Labs and Live Science Demonstrations are available to travel:

Preschool Learning Labs

Float Your Boat

Gravity Games

I Want to Be an Astronaut

Let’s Get Buggy

Teetering Towers

Wild Weather

Kindergarten Learning Labs

Motion Commotion

Sink and Float

What Makes Weather?

1st Grade Learning Labs

Amazing Adaptations

Marvelous Minibeasts

Over the Moon

Shadow Detectives

2nd Grade Learning Labs

Building Blocks

Sink and Float Science


3rd Grade Learning Labs

Use the Force!

4th Grade Learning Labs

Electric Circuits

Light Fantastic


May the Force Be With You

Natural Disasters: Geology Edition!

5th Grade Learning Labs



Kitchen Chemistry

May the Force Be With You

Middle School Learning Labs

Crime Lab

Gene Lab

Paper Bridge Challenge

Live Demonstrations

Don’t Try This at Home!


Just Like Magic

Light & Sound


Superpower Science