Want to keep the conversation going back at school? Not sure if a full field trip is right for your group? The Discovery Science Center is proud to offer Digital Discovery, our own custom online learning platform, with materials that you can use in your own classroom on STEAM topics for any age or interest. $150.00 per program per week of unlimited use, plus $10.00 per student for at-home materials kits (optional).

Content can be customized and curated to meet your curriculum needs and interests. Each program includes a comprehensive teacher’s guide with facilitation tips, background information, vocabulary lists, materials lists, and more. Downloadable templates and activities are included as well as curated multimedia content to use in your classroom.

Each program rental comes with the creation of an account that never expires and includes bonus planetarium content, do-it-yourself experiments, and endlessly customizable STEAM programs. Contact education@shudiscovery.org for more information.