Science on a Sphere enables an immersive exploration of the Earth, our solar system, and beyond, animated on a five-foot diameter globe. With over 500 datasets, topics can be customized for specific lessons.

Tour of the Solar System – All Ages

Join us on a journey through our solar system. We will begin at the center with our Sun and work our way out to the furthest reaches of our planetary system, stopping at each planet along the way. We’ll learn about what makes each planet unique, and we’ll even see a few other special things that our solar system has to offer!

Earth Science – All Ages

Travel back in time with us to see how the Earth formed and how it has changed to become the planet we know and love today. We’ll discuss why Earth is unique in our solar system and how we are learning more about our own past, present, and future by studying the formations and evolutions of other bodies in our universe. Come see just why our home is so special.

Wonderful Weather – Grades K-3

What does the weather look like today? What will it look like tomorrow? Learn about the features that make up our weather and find out how all weather on Earth originates. We’ll learn how the Sun creates weather patterns for us and find out why the seasons feel different. Look at cloud cover, water in the atmosphere, and learn how we predict storms. Learn how to predict what’s causing the weather where we are today!

Terrific Tectonics – Grades 2 and up

Did you know the outer layer of Earth is made up of giant shifting land masses called plates? Learn about the structure of our Earth and the unique magnetic activity it experiences. See the tectonic plates and the resulting quakes and shakes we feel. Find the Ring of Fire and watch the cracks in our planet create volcanic eruptions and explosions throughout history. From Pangea to today our terrific tectonics are what it’s all about.

Where Would You Go – Grades 3 and up

What are the basic things a planet needs to be able to support life? How do we look for places that meet these needs outside of our own planet? Come see a few unusual places in our solar system that have conditions that might support the potential for life and think about where you would go if you wanted to live elsewhere in our universe!

Our New Neighbors – Grades 3 and up

One of the greatest questions in astronomy is whether or not we are alone. In our search for answers, we have identified thousands of potential exoplanets. What are exoplanets? Where are they? Come see how scientists find planets around other stars and learn about the TRAPPist-1 solar system discovery and some of our newest neighboring planetary bodies.

Natural Disasters – Grades 4 and up

Take a closer look at some of the natural disasters that occur on our planet. We’ll talk about Earth’s tectonic plates and the volcanoes and earthquakes that occur at the boundaries. We’ll also look at our atmosphere; discuss certain weather patterns, and how hurricanes form. Other disasters will include: tsunamis, droughts, floods, and wildfires, and we will discuss the impact these disasters have on us.

Our Changing Earth – Grades 6 and up

Earth is always changing, sometimes even in ways we don’t realize. Many of these changes are results of human impact, and they can impact human, animal, and plant life in turn. See how the land, seas, and atmosphere tell us things are changing. Your students will see how aerosols, carbon levels, and water acidification affect our planet and change the environment. Discover how the decisions people make affect Earth’s systems and our own health.

Custom Science on a Sphere Presentation – All Ages – 45 minutes

Our experts will design a custom Science on a Sphere show targeted to your curriculum needs, current events, or discussion topics. Custom presentations must be booked a minimum of four weeks in advance, and the Director of Education must be consulted at least six weeks in advance. Pricing varies with content and production. Please call 203-416-3531. We can incorporate elements from over 550 datasets; for a complete dataset listing please visit: