Are You Up for the Challenge?

An unforgettable, state-of-the-art learning experience

Discovery’s Challenger Center is an immersive mock space station and mission control simulation experience that promotes teamwork and critical thinking skills.

The simulation creates a cooperative learning atmosphere underscored by teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and decision-making. Embedded throughout the simulations are opportunities for participants to hone applicable, real-world skills.

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Challenger mission goals for students are to engage and enhance enthusiasm for STEM, improve problem-solving skills, demonstrate the value of teamwork and communication, and enhance critical thinking abilities.

For grades 5 and above, a Challenger Mission includes a pre- and post-visit curriculum.

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NEW! Expedition Mars - Grades 5 & up

The year is 2076. A handful of facilities have been established on Mars, including a greenhouse, a mobile geological survey base, and a centralized research habitat. The primary human habitat is not on Mars, but on one of its moons, Phobos. A large shuttle regularly ferries astronauts and scientists between the base on Phobos and the surface of Mars. This shuttle, or Mars Transport Vehicle (MTV), carries parts to build a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to continue the search for evidence of life and water. However, when crew members discover an imminent threat to their MTV and the Martian surface facilities, they must act quickly to save their stations, their research, and their lives.

Earth Odyssey - Grades 7 & Up

This mission takes place in a futuristic time when a major coronal mass ejection (CME) causes a burst of solar winds to blast from the Sun toward Earth. The CME damages several key satellites and forced the immediate evacuation of International Space Station. As our team of scientists and engineers in Mission Control work to safely bring the crew back to Earth, they must also assess the damage done on Earth from the CME. In addition a replacement satellite will need to be assembled on board the spacecraft by our crew with guidance from Mission Control engineers.