• The Science of Superpowers
    It feels like superheroes are everywhere nowadays: in our comics, in our cartoons, on television shows, in books, and in movies. I love superheroes; I find them fun and fascinating.  One […]
  • Interesting Sharks
    When you hear the word shark, what type of shark immediately comes to mind?  In most cases, people probably think about Great Whites, Tiger sharks, maybe even the Whale shark or […]
  • Sandcastle STEAM
    Imagine being on a beach, feeling the grit of sand between your toes and under your fingernails, as you fill a plastic bucket, warmed by the sun, with damp sand from […]
  • The Case for Discovery
    At the Discovery Museum, we’ve heard it all:  “Are you the one in New Jersey?” “Oh, I thought you were in California.” “You mean I didn’t call Texas?” “I’m so sorry, […]
  • New exhibit, “The Fragile Bee,” has folks buzzing about the Bridgeport-based Discovery Museum
    The Discovery Museum announced that it is featuring a new art exhibit, “The Fragile Bee,” that will run through September 16. The exhibit is composed of photographs and prints by artist Nancy […]
  • New Partnership for Discovery Museum and Norwalk Public Library
    The Norwalk Public Library and the Discovery Museum of Bridgeport today announced a new collaboration to enhance science awareness at the Library during the summer for children in grades 2 and […]