On Saturday, December 3rd, participants in Discovery’s Mighty STEM Girls program and their families participated in the Great Rocket Challenge! This hands-on activity required teams of families to construct their own rockets using a limited amount of time, materials, and very strict “budgets.” The rockets were then tested and launched in our Center Gallery. Winners were determined on the ratio of cost to distance traveled.


Each team member had a very specific and important role to play, from managing the budget to transporting rockets to the launch site. The most successful groups did an excellent job of cooperating and thinking critically to solve problems. As a result, every team did an amazing job, and almost all of the rockets experienced a successful launch! Winners received a “check” for ten billion dollars–not bad for an afternoon of work. Check out the winning launch here:



Mighty STEM Girls is a dynamic, hands-on after-school program made possible by the Fairfield County’s Community Foundation’s Fund for Women and Girls and Wells Fargo. 4th grade girls from two participating Bridgeport Public Schools meet weekly for inspiring after school workshops where they learn about women who have impacted and advanced various STEM fields, the challenges they surmounted on their pathway to success, and the important discoveries and contributions they made during their careers. Mighty STEM Girls are challenged and encouraged to ask questions, learn new concepts, and apply their growing skills and knowledge with confidence. On a few special Saturdays throughout the year, Mighty STEM Girls’ families are invited to the Museum for a fun day of mediated learning.

The Discovery Museum congratulates all Mighty STEM Girls and their families who participated in the Great Rocket Challenge !

thumb_Mighty STEM Girls Great Rocket Challenge