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All Ages Learning Labs

Great for wide age ranges–ask us about customization and discounts for add-on programs!



Your students will learn about the night sky in our planetarium and then make constellations of their own. Learn about the history of constellations and how to create your own star pictures in the night sky. Students will learn what a star is, what makes some stars different from others, and where and when certain stars are visible.

Electrical Circuits


Travel, Onsite

We use electricity all the time, but what is it really? We’ll learn how to define electricity, where it comes from, and how it works, and different types of electricity, with a focus on currents. Students will work with partners to complete a simple circuit to turn on a light, before moving on to more complex circuits.

Light Fantastic

Travel, Onsite

This lab is all about light and how we see (and don’t see) it! See what happens when colors mix, learn about forms of light, the light spectrum, prisms, filters, lenses, diffraction grating, and even how the eye can be tricked! Be sure to ask us about a special discounts on our Light demonstration and Two Small Pieces of Glass or Seeing planetarium shows!

Sink or Float!

Travel, Onsite

How did people learn how to travel over water? Your students will find out as they test different materials to see what sinks and what floats. Students will build and test their own boats to apply their understandings of why certain materials and shapes float, then see what happens when they add cargo to their creations. Students will refine their designs and figure out how to make improved boats after testing.

Solar System Explorers


Let us take your students on a journey as they create a take-home model of our solar system. We’ll point out the coolest, hottest, and most surprising planetary landmarks along the way. Includes an out-of-this-world Science on a Sphere presentation!

The Great Rocket Challenge


Please note that this program is only available for ages 10+ and runs a minimum of 90 minutes. Compete in a design challenge to bid on a NASA rocket contract, complete with test launch! Plan, budget, build, and test a rocket to see which team has what it takes to win the contract. Work cooperatively in teams to use math, engineering, and interpersonal skills to compete for the grand prize. Great for team-building with adult groups!