3.14 is celebrated as Pi Day annually, and it is also Albert Einstein’s birthday (happy 137th birthday!). If you’re not busy baking or enjoying pies today to celebrate, perhaps you’ll enjoy this fun activity that was recently posted by the great folks at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA!

While last year’s Pi Day was celebrated widely because the date 3.14.15 matched the first four digits right of the decimal point, this year is being called, “Rounded Pi Day” because the date matches the rounded first four digits right of the decimal.

Speaking of all things round, coming in just a few short weeks to Discovery Museum is a new STEM learning resource, Science on a Sphere. This new interactive video display will allow our guests to see data about the Earth, weather, and other planets projected in 3D on a large globe here at the Museum. Take a look at how Imagination Station in Wilson NC is using Science on a Sphere in the short video below, and come visit ours, opening April 2.

Whether you’re grabbing a compass and calculator, or a plate and fork, Discovery wishes you an all around great Rounded Pi Day!

thumb_Happy Rounded Pi Day!